My grandfather was a farmer who used to make musical pipes out of reeds with a penknife. One of these pipes was my first instrument, followed by a mouth organ, another gift from my grandfather. I had piano lessons when I was seven or so but fell in love with the guitar when I was fifteen.  

I absorbed a lot of different music growing up - Adam and the Ants, The Jam, 80's synth, SKA, and even some unfashionable stuff like English Prog Rock and Heavy Metal. I slept outside Hammersmith Odeon once to get front row tickets for Iron Maiden. I have Nikko McBrain's drumstick in my drawer and a Tommy Lee drumstick too; they can both be viewed in one of the pictures inside my EP below. 

But Rock N Roll aside, as an acoustic/folk guitarist I was possibly most blown away watching Jerry Donahue playing The Claw on a telecaster and hearing Jorma Kaukonen's Embryonic  Journey for the first time.

I haven't been in a tearing hurry to get a record out, but here it is and thank you for listening.