29 May
Recording some new music 

11 March
Thanks to Milan at Radio Proglas, Czech republic, for the airplays

3 August
Hear my new piece "Elizabeth" tonight on "Folk Festival" WDCB Public Radio from Chicago

21 July
Hear "Elizabeth" first on Roots and Fusion tonight 

Feb 20th 2021 
Animation for Here's The Thing

October 1st
A little melody for the change in the season, Book of Witches 

29 Feb 2020
"New Mexico" on BBC "Caschlár: A World of Music". Thanks to Brian Mullen

January 2nd 2020
"Fag Ash & Beer" nominated for Debut Album of 2019 by Fatea Magazine

December 2nd 2019
"I caught up up with Jake recently to discuss the album, some of the musicians he’s worked with, his choice of cover artwork and his teenage love for Iron Maiden" 
Interview with Darren Johnson

Debut album released September 6th 2019
"One of the most surprisingly good albums I've heard in a very long time. The debut album from Jake Aaron, Fag Ash & Beer, has so much going on that I'll be playing three tracks on Wednesday's show....It's a phenomenal album"
Roots and Fusion

Giancarlo Susanna 
I'm sorry to see the Italian music journalist Giancarlo Susanna has passed away. He got in contact with me in 2015 after hearing my EP, and gave me one of my first reviews. He wrote several musician biographies, reviews for music magazines and contributed to '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die' More

"Give Me Your Horse"
As heard on BBC Jazz Nights, featuring Hammond maestro Steve Lodder, the great jazz trumpeter Steve Waterman, the legendary Guy Pratt on bass and the unique Marc Parnell on drums  More

"High Rolling" free download
"... the guitar instrumental, High Rolling, shows what he can do when he lets his fingers loose, earning comparisons to the likes of Fahey and Kottke"  
Mike Davies Folk Radio 


Music -  2015 EP, limited edition vinyl, single & album 



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