The Moon rolls back and it’s right on time tonight  
Trying to find my way back from your place to mine  
Following the old disused railway tracks  
The rusted steel and the mossy slats  
We came to the cemetery after a while  
and lay down by the broken tomb  
The ghosts had long since flown, leaving just us two  
Your tongue’s in my ear, and your scent’s in my clothes  
The lust rose from our throats akin to fear  
And the fag ash and beer wasn’t a sacrament  
But it was pretty damn close

Look out the window, how the area’s changed 
But not indoors it’s roughly the same 
The streets are alive with your friends tonight 
Stay out till dawn, have a really good time 
I don’t know if it means that much 
Some say it doesn’t mean a thing at all
But it’s good to be above the ground 
The right way up in Morning Town

I walked the long long walk of shame 
I drove the endless roads of regret 
There’s no u-turns on the one way street 
I sought the trail through all the heartache 
Don’t know if it means a thing 
Some say it doesn’t very much at all 
But I know that I love you a lot 
Tonight in Morning Town

Then Death was standing on the other side of my door 
I looked up at him, he was ten feet tall or more 
He’s dressed in black in his moth-eaten rags 
I reached for the shotgun that I kept close to hand 
He swung down with his gleaming scythe 
I gunned him twice, he shot up into the sky 
The people came running from all around 
When they heard the sound in Morning Town

Genevieve’s alright 
She’s like the sun tonight 
Genevieve’s alright 
She’s like the sun tonight

I didn’t know what I was looking for 
But I’d seen your face before 
Strumming chords, feeling low 
Swimming in fjords 
The day gave into night 
The night broke into day 
I had second sight 
But I didn’t see you coming this way

The days are getting longer 
Your heart is full of hunger 
The days are getting shorter 
You can’t hold back the water 
Down the hills 
And the falls 
The animals take fright
And the birds all take to flight 
From the fear deep inside 
At the road you shouldn’t go 
In case you turn to stone

The days are getting longer 
And your heart is full of hunger 
Wild woods and thunder 
Tear your heart asunder 
You’re gonna need some armour 
If you wear your heart upon your sleeve 
Genevieve’s alright 
Like the sun tonight 
Genevieve’s alright 
Like the sun tonight 
Through the night you have to go 
Keep on going on your own 
See her, expecting so

In the days when the heavens were closer to the earth 
And voices from above were more frequently heard 
The Lord called down to Jonah one afternoon 
He said “listen up, I’ve got a job I need you to do 
I need you to go to Nineveh, thirty days to the east 
You won’t believe the sinners living there, 
the men are worse than beasts 
I want you to preach to them and get them to change their ways 
And if they don’t, you can tell them I’ll lay them waste in forty days”
Jonah said he’d get right on the case 
But he had a change of mind, 
and he took a boat that was bound for Tartish instead
And the Lord wasn’t so pleased about this turn of events 
He sent a great storm across the seas to teach him some sense 
And the sailors couldn’t believe the scene before their eyes 
Some of the waves heading their way were a hundred feet high 
The ship pitched and rolled in mountains of the sea, 
and the Captain cried out “This is like nothing I’ve ever seen!” 
They threw off everything they could to lighten the fatal load 
And they prayed to their gods above to save their mortal souls
And Jonah was asleep below the deck 
“How can you sleep on this nervous wreck?
Get on your knees and start praying too."
So they all prayed in the howling wind 
but their prayers just blew away
They said “one of us has got to be to blame for this,
let’s draw lots and get a name”
The Captain took a fistful of straws for each one to choose
And when it was Jonah’s turn to draw, the shortest one he drew
So they asked him “Who are you, and what have 
you done?”
And he said “I’m on the run. The Almighty one,
has sent the storm for me. Pick me up and throw me in,
it will calm the raging sea”
But the sailors were the decent kind,
they had no blood on their hands
So they tried to make it back to land and save every man
They rowed till their backs packed in and they had to drop their oars
They prayed for forgiveness, and threw him overboard
“Oh Lord I’m in the dead of night 
Lost, alone, I’m really in it this time 
Throw me a lifeline, won’t you please!”



Here's the thing, I think 
I think that we are sinking 
Come, see the stern? 
Here's the thing I think 
I think that we are sinking 
No cause for concern 

The ghost of the times came down 
running around the town 
He's running all around the town 
scaring everyone 
And he's only just begun 

Here's a line from a bedtime story 
Things are getting gory 
Better put on your vest 
Here's a song of hope and glory 
and high rise storeys 
The water's at your chest 

The ghost of the times came down 
he's running around the town 
He's running up and down the town 
scaring everyone 

Those halcyon days 
The golden sands and the summer spades 
Those glory days 
Pink champagne on the crystal waves 

Here's the thing, I think we're sinking 
Here's the thing, I think we're sinking 
Here's the thing, I think we're sinking 
Here's the thing, I think we're sinking




When your energy starts to wane 
And you're filled with woe  
Get on the first train you can and head into Soho 
You may look up at the skies 
You may wonder why 
From time to time, you may even want to cry 

I've got mates with tastes in all things Asian 
I'm getting off the train at Dalston Kingsland station 
My mate Matt wears plaits; it's a little bit unnerving 
He takes a dive at a shoal of girls  
Tonight they're just too flighty though 

I’ve got mates with tastes in all things Asian 
I’ve got A.D.D I never pay attention 
Look here comes Amy, she’s really pretty 
She’s got holes in her lobes like a Maori 
Outside the English are getting rowdy with their Stella and wode 
The Pilgrim Fathers have all sailed home 
Round the fire, in Uniqlo   
The night starts to glow 

Over the new frontier under the old estate 
An old guy's worse for wear, he’s seen it all and better days 
A dog is off the leash, it’s all skull and teeth 
People make their way hastily to the other side of the street 
Yeah mate he’s only playing says its keeper 
You can’t see his face, he’s hooded like the Reaper 
The Police turn up to maintain some order 
As the streets fill up and the barman rings the bell to call last orders 
In the distance sirens start to whine 
Then we hear the cry  
This place would blow sky high if I gave the sign

It’s not the way you move or comb your hair 
The way you look at me when the lights go down oh yeah 
You see I’m a just a sucker for your every way
And stay with you till the end of days

It’s not the way you smile or hold my hand 
What you say to me when there’s no one else around 
It was in French though it was not too profound 
Dying on the lawn in the leaves in 1790 

Don’t fuck with me 
‘Cos I may be eighteen  
But I’m going on eighty three 

Don’t bang the drum 
‘Cos I’m standing on the edge 
And things may become undone 

Grow up, grow up 
But I only seem to be going around 
I’m not a rock I’m a record player 
Give it away like the Dalai Lama 
I’m out of luck, I can’t go any higher 
You’re out of reach and tonight I am on fire 
I’m not a rock I’m a record player

I really don’t think I’m going to get this right  
Unless I’ve got a hundred years or so to spend on this issue 
Run into the night brush back the tears 
Back to the beginning another wasted year 
Little old lady in the lift was asking me, so what’s the big idea 
I don’t know, but if I did I wouldn’t really be here would I
with these constitution blues 

These days I’ve been lost in the woods  
I can’t find my way out and by now I probably should 
I find my way from the stars and the moon 
But my course was wrong 
Because I missed that day at school 

It was getting late, I was getting tired and cold 
I pitched my tent, the wind started to blow 
The moon came out from under a cloud 
I saw the ghost standing there in a shroud 
It took possession of my troubled soul 
But gave it back, I can see you’ve got problems of your own 
I’m going to leave you now alone in the night to stew  
In your constitution blues 

I went back to where I’d buried my treasure 
Years ago before the stormy weather  
I started to dig  
I was digging all night

My baby wore blue  
Which was fitting 
Cos it matched my mood  
The minute she walked out the room   
Come away with me honey   
Things will be better  
I didn't see her again 
Till nineteen eighty two   
She had a kid in a pram and a man on her arm  
Pleasantries. My train came, it was time to leave  

My baby wore black   
For a funeral that afternoon  
At least that's how it felt 
When she broke the news  
And told me she was never coming back 
Outside the leaves were falling 
Don't leave, stay till morning  
My baby wore white  
She looked almost divine 
Walking her dog by the side of the Serpentine   
I’d seen her in a dream or another lifetime 
I made my way quick, she was my lifeline 

Across London town the church bells started to ring 
It was hard to feel down about anything 
Lights on the lake like jewels 
I thought of all the girls I loved at school 
The window shook when the bandstand blew 
Smoking on the back of the bus feeling cool 
The world was young and I was new 
The future slept in a far off land 
I take your hand, the answer I'm looking for