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My new Martin D28

My new Martin D28

Trying out guitars,  Feb 5th 2020

I remember browsing in a guitar shop on Denmark Street a few years ago. An American came in and asked for an American Strat. 
The guy behind the counter brought one down from the wall and passed it to the American who just said OK, you can bag it up. 
"Don't you want to try it?" 
I was always massively impressed by that.
I recalled that guy whilst I was frigging around for hours at the weekend trying different Martin Dreadnoughts. I'd tried too many and was now lost in sound. Brighter, treblier, duller, bassier. Double backed, treble backed, newer, older strings. "You can really hear the guitar when it's got old strings" the seller said. One had a Fishman pickup which was useful - did the pickup sound natural?  One crucially was lighter, it felt better to hold. I remembered a 70s Gibson Explorer I bought with my first month's wages many moons ago. It felt like it was hewn out of an oak tree. It weighed a tonne and gave me massive neck ache. I settled on the brighter, lighter, older Martin D 28.
I'd probably overthought it. Of course there's no real objective of sound. Bassier, treblier compared to what. Beyonce or Robert Johnson ...
Maybe I'll try the American's approach next time. 
I did once speculate that the American was a roadie sent out to buy a Strat. Possibly he got a clip around the ear for buying a beast with buzzing frets. You didn't check? Anyway it says Made in Taiwan on the back.

STAY TUNED FOR "The Tale of Roland Gift and the nine tracks on my iPhone" ...

Couperin on the Radio
7 April 2020 - Some pieces of music are like a time capsule, passed perfectly through time. Listening to Couperin's Les Barricades Mystérieuses on radio. Could the listener in 1717 have felt any differently to the listener in 2020.

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