Jake Aaron, Give me Your Horse

Give Me Your Horse


A while ago, I was playing guitar with my friend Haydon and I asked "What do you think of my Mexican Bandit piece?". Haydon said "Yeah I like it, but it doesn't sound very Mexican. It sounds more like English folk". I said "Well, imagine it with trumpets ... ". Finally, I got around to recording it properly and was really lucky to cross paths with some incredible musicians.

"This next one is a treat. It's something you've probably never heard before and it's extremely rare as a format. It's actually an instrumental single. And like all instrumental singles they are supposed to create a picture in your head, they're supposed to evoke some picture that is true to the music. This one is fun, it's creative, it's written very intelligently, it's played very well by Jake Aaron the guitarist and the band - Steve Lodder on Hammond, Guy Pratt on bass, Marc Parnell on drums, Steve Waterman on trumpet - some of the best players in the UK. It's unusual, it's also gonna put a smile on your face. Think Mariachi, think 1800s, Western, America, Mexico and this will finally seal it for you - the track title - Give Me Your Horse! Give Me Your Horse! What a great name! I think there's a Movie Soundtrack in this one actually..."   

Thank you for the airplay to:- Fiona Richie's Thistle and Shamrock, Seonaid Aitken at BBC Jazz Nights, Brian Mullen's World of Music, The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show, Simon Jones at Moorlands Radio, Roots and Shoots with Roger Pettit on Felixstowe Radio, Donald Strachan on the Radio, Folk, Roots, & Branches, John Cavanagh's Soundwave, Radio Six International, BBC Jazz With John Hellings, Michelle Sammartino at WDCB Public Radio, Paul Hartman at Detour, WTMD's Folk, Roots, and World Music Show