1. Gotta Believe

From the recording Always Seeking

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You gotta believe when your heart is on the floor
You gotta believe when you can't go on anymore
Gotta think quick when your world is on the brink
And draw quick, or it's over in a blink

My enemies were lined up on the ridge
And it was still a day before I'd reach the bridge
So I turned my steed around and I leapt the great divide
I lost my gold, I lost my pride but I made it on to the other side

And when I came round I was lying in the dust
Didn't know which way to go and all my plans were lost
That night I dreamt of Jane, I was mad to let her go
I headed back to the East to tell her that I loved her so

After a year or so, I was about to abandon my quest
I'd searched from high to low and from East to West
In the canyon below, a rider caught my eye
I just knew it was Jane, 'cos even a mile away her looks could never lie
I tumbled down the canyon side, I was battered and bruised
Fell into her way, I was trampled under the hooves
Jane looked down at me, and I told her what I'd dreamt
She said, that's the strangest thing I ever heard
But I gotta believe that it makes sense