1. Engine On

From the recording Always Seeking

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I'm in the heat and my engine's on
Shifting boulders and building dams in the sun
I need a break to Babylon
Need escape to the city in the sands
She's in the pool, is this sufficiently cool
Shades for UV and for VU
How do you like the view
It's Greek to me, it's a siren's song
It seems to be something that you've known all along
They're calling you to where you are bound
Some are tied to the mast, and others drowned
It's not paradise but it will do for the night
For a moth to the light, good spot for a sybarite
In the pool, there's no fishing as a rule
And the catch of the day appears to be you
When the sun sets, the desert gives up her breath
When the night comes, escape a fate worse than death
Try your luck to forget, make up what you lack
What choice did you ever have
And you ache for her like a phantom limb
You're reeled in, it's not a sin
It's a feeling you can't put your finger on
When you're in the heat and your engine's on