From the recording Jake Aaron EP

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I really don’t think I’m going to get this right
Unless I’ve got a hundred years or so to spend on this issue
Run into the night brush back the tears
Back to the beginning another wasted year
Little old lady in the lift asking me, what’s the big idea
I don’t know, but if I did I wouldn’t really be here would I with these constitution blues

These days I’ve been lost in the woods
I can’t find my way out and by now I probably should
I find the way from the stars and the moon
But my course was wrong
Because I missed that day at school

It was getting late, I was getting tired and cold
I pitched my tent, the wind started to blow
The moon came out from under a cloud
I saw the ghost standing there in a shroud
It took possession of my troubled soul
But gave it back, I can see you’ve got problems of your own
I’m going to leave you now alone in the night to stew
In your constitution blues

I went back to where I’d buried my treasure
Years ago before the stormy weather
I started to dig
I was digging all night